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Yay – such a feeling of accomplishment!

I have photos to share.? I was able to find another ‘bug in a t-shirt’, so I snapped his photo!
bug in shirt1-1bug in shirt1

I was told that he’s a Texas Cricket, but, as I mentioned before, I can’t find any information on that type of cricket.? Earlier this year, we saw a gazillion of these, only MUCH smaller!? I’d never seen anything like it before!? It was almost, hmm, well, remember Exodus 10:1-20, right?

And today, while Flower Picker was outside with Daddy, she found this:
Holding it

Dunno what it is- so we did some investigating!
It looks like a miniature watermelon.? It smells like a bell pepper.? It’s firm, but squishy.
We broke out our magnifying glasses for closer observation:


We then cut it open:

Inside of Mystery thing Slimy

We will do more investigating to see if we can figure out what this is!

Truth be told, I’m beside myself with joy over the fact that Flower Picker even bothered to do anything that was remotely “school-related” on a Sunday.

I was sure she’d fall into a heap when I suggested we investigate, and record our findings in her nature journal.
The 3 of us really had a good time, and I can already see the new school year holds a lot of promise!

We’re still working on Frogs for science this coming week.? We will be making a lapbook to finish the study.

I’m awaiting the arrival of my copy of The Handbook of Nature Study!? I finally convinced myself to buy it.? I think it’ll come in handy for both our Nature Study and Science.? So, I’m hoping it gets here before the week is out, so we can pick our next study subject.

A few links I just wanted to share:

Dioramas & Squidoo Lens on Dioramas– I haven’t done one since I was in Kindergarten, but you can believe there will be some in our school this year!

Hands-on Homeschool Blog Carnival – This is such a neat idea!? I will be using this link a lot!

Ellen McHenry’s Basement Workshop – lots of good homeschooling freebies here. Make your own math manipulatives, game boards, etc.

Geek Publishing – make your own place value mat using felt.? I wish I’d found this link last year!? So cool!

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