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Tee hee, ok, so it was totally pun-y, but I think I got the message across!? Week 5 is now over.? We had an interesting week, to say the least.

Our week started with our Theocratic Study. We read about some of our fellow believers in the American Samoa. Wednesday, we read an article about how the pursuit of money will not make you happy, or closer to God.? Great discussion afterward, too!

While on our Nature Walk Monday, we went on a bug hunt.? It’s been raining here for the past week straight, so I wasn’t sure we’d find much, if anything.? Well, we spotted ants and roly polies in our back yard.? There was a volunteer grasshopper that jumped up on my leg!

I then took the kids over to a plant that a friend had given me a few years ago. It’s a Rain tree plant (at least, that’s what he called it!). He recommended it be planted in the place where the downspout drains, for the best watering possible.? Well, while over there, I felt something crawling by my ear. I reached up to shoo it away, and … OUCH! It hurt!? I looked down on the ground, where I had swatted my assailant – it was a BEE!? He had stung me… and the stinger was still in my ear!? Now, I’d love to tell you that I quickly reached up, removed the stinger, and continued on our Nature Walk.? BUT – since my super-hero cape was still at the cleaners… I grabbed my ear, screamed, and my children turned into Doogie Howser, MDs!
#1 Son removed the stinger.? Can I just say, that a bee sting (my first in a bajillioni years, I may add), has a tendency to make you lose all sense of … sense!? I felt dizzy, like my face was swelling up, and like I was stabbed in the ear with an awl!
Thanks to the quick thinking of my son, and WebMD, I did not die!? I’m not allergic to bees, but I did have a reaction!? My daughters quickly called Daddy to inform him of the goings on.

Once everything calmed down, it was time to make our Natural Journal entries.? As you may have guessed, Mommy was the subject!? Number One Son drew the grasshopper on my leg, and the girls drew the bee stinging me!

~~~ Moving On!~~~

Art Study was Peter Claesz. There was NOT much love for this artist.? I think the skulls were just too much of a turn-off.
I think I’m ready for us to move on from Still-life artists.? We’ve been learning about artists by style of painting, and I think this works well for us.? We get exposure to many artists this way.? When we find an artist that we REALLY like, like the girls fell in love with Paul Cezanne, we can expand on that study for a week or so. Next week, I’d like to start Impressionist Painters – Mary Cassatt will be our first Impressionist.

Composer Study – we’re finishing up our study of Tchaikovsky.? We had trouble finding a lot of music by him.? Our library had slim pickings on this composer.? We read his bio in the book, Lives of the Musicians: Good Times, Bad Times (and What the Neighbors Thought). This is a very good book, and a fun read.

ASL – we’re working on Religious signs now. While learning alphabets, colors, numbers and days of the week are good to know, I think if we can communicate certain scriptures through signing, we’ll be doing good!

History – the girls and I began reading The Bird Woman of The Lewis & Clark Expedition.? We’ve been taking turns, and it makes the reading more enjoyable for them.? They were excited to learn that the Bird Woman was Sacagewa.? Now, how they knew who she was before that, well – I think Carmen San Diego had something to do with that. (scratching head)

Science– we discussed ponds. I really think it’d be neat to have our own pond. Nothing big and fancy – I’m thinking something the size of a kiddie pool.? We priced them, and took notes.? We’re deciding whether or not to have fish in the pond.? Next week, we’re going to shop for seeds for our fall garden!

I know I’m leaving some stuff off, but this has been, well – a week! One for the books, I tell ya!

Here’s the Weekly Wrap-up!

Hope your week went well.

7 thoughts on “Another Week bites the dust!

  1. OUCH!! I think my superhero cape would have been totally out of commission if I’d been stung by a bee, too. I think sacrificing your person like that was taking nature study a bit too far. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank goodness for your brave kiddos, though, and WebMD. I had to chuckle at your kids’ nature journal entries.

  2. OUCH on the bee sting! I’d have been screaming too. Sounds like a great week! Reading about your art and music appreciation makes me want to hurry up and get ours going again…we haven’t picked it back up yet this year.

  3. What an interesting week. Bee stings- yucky yucky. Glad to hear that things turned out alright and that you were apparently very amusing to the kiddos. Thanks for sharing your week

  4. You went above and beyond with your bee sting. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love that your kids made it the subject of your nature journal and that you were okay in the end.

    You had a busy week!

    Barb-Harmony Art mom

  5. Oh I love your blog. I will be adding it to my blog roll. I remember being stung by a bee and it didn’t register at first but when it did, you could hear my yell for a few blocks !

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