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Well, it’s been 10 days since we started our new school year.

We started on a Thursday, which seemed strange at first, but it was a good ease back into our routine.

So, I was trying some new curriculum items, just to add to our already eclectic homeschooling method, but I’m not so sure they were actually additions that we needed.? I can say that now, after having tried them.

I got 10th grade Grammar & Vocabulary on Ebay for my son.? Well, I purchased it back at the end of July, and it only arrived today! :-*? I’m glad it’s here now, but sheesh –

I’ve been trying Growing with Grammar and Explode the Code with my 1 & 2 graders, but I’m still not in love. The GwG is actually quite good, but I feel the EtC is a bit clunky.? It’s easy for the girls, but, eh…

Well, this year has already shown me that my 2nd grader isn’t a strong speller, so I was very concerned.? After speaking with another home school mom, I decided to try a different approach.? She used Spelling Power with her children, and it really sounded like a good fit – but too pricey for me.? But I really love the methodology of it.
This is what I came up with.

I’m using the McGuffey’s Speller for their weekly words; continuing on from the lists we used last year.? I bought some alphabet chips from Michael’s. They’re for crafting, but at just $3.98 for 2 packs – totaling 104 letters, I figured I couldn’t afford not to try this cheap manipulative.

Today, my 2nd grader and I sat down with her spelling words:

legal – regal – local – focal – natal – fatal – dial – trial

She spelled out the words, one at a time.? I then had her close her eyes and spell the word.? After that, she used her finger to finger-spell the word on the table with her eyes closed, while saying it out loud.? She again checked her spelling, and I could just see joy and happiness all over her face when she realized that she was spelling all her words correctly!

After we went through each of the words that way, I gave her a spelling quiz.
Now, when I first gave her the spelling quiz last week, she missed all the words.

Today – she got them ALL right! She was shocked!!? She just sat there… stunned!
I high-fived her, atta-girled, and hugged her – I was so proud of her!

She can’t wait until tomorrow to try her ‘new spelling’!
If anyone who reads this is having trouble with their child’s spelling – TRY THIS!? A $4 investment has made a world of difference in my second grader!? She’s not afraid to try spelling anymore!

OK – on to other stuff.
My children were learning ASL last year, and I had assumed we would continue this year.
Ha ha – that’s what I get for assuming!
This year, they all want to learn German.? I love German.? It’s the only foreign language I’ve ever had interest in – mainly because I have lived in Germany at 3 different times.? I took German I in my senior year, and loved it.
Now, with all that said, I have located a German textbook and the Teacher’s Manual!? The first thing we did today was choose our German names.
My 10th grader chose the name Sven.
My 2nd grader chose the name Sara. – pronounced Zair-uh
My 1st grader chose the name Inge. – pronounced Een-gay
My name is Gisela. – pronounced Gee say luh

So far, they’ve been using Before You Know it and Mango Languages software, plus CDs I’ve borrowed from the library.

I sorta rambled a bit there.? This is what we’re using this year for curriculum:

German: Komm Mit! text, BYKI & Mango languages software
Grammar: Abeka Grammar & Composition IV (for 10th grade) and Growing With Grammar (for 1 & 2 grade).
Spelling: Abeka Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry IV (10th) and McGuffey’s Spelling Book (for 1 & 2 grade).
Phonics: The Complete Book of Phonics and SF Reading (for 1 & 2 grade)
Literature: Baltimore Curriculum Project (1 & 2 grade) and free reading of Classic novels.
Math: Mathematics with Business Applications (10th) and MEP (for 1 & 2 grade).
Copywork: Examining the Scriptures Daily – Writing the scriptures help reinforce the information. (all)
Science: Baltimore Curriculum Project (1 & 2 grade) and Abeka’s Science of the Physical Creation (10th) along with Notebooking and Lapbooking for all.
History: Baltimore Curriculum Project (1 & 2 grade) and Pay Attention to Daniel’s Prophecy (this is *so* cool – we’re actually using the Bible prophecies by the prophet Daniel to learn World History!)
Phys Ed: WII Fit!? This is so much fun – I just can’t let the kiddies know it’s actually exercise!!!

Well, I think that’s it!? It feels complete… well, minus the things we may add in later to add more umph to a lesson.

This is my first official post of the new school year…
and so it goes…

3 thoughts on “And so it goes…

  1. I love your idea of using the daily text for your copy work! I think I will incorporate that when I do our next 3 month schedule. We havent done copy work in awhile, but i think it would be good to incorporate again. BTW, love your site!

  2. oh, and I like your spelling aid you got set up too. I’m definately gonna have to copy that for my 4th grader!

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