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Ok, if you read yesterday’s post, you have a teensy idea of the stress I was subjecting myself? to by worrying over my world History Curriculum.

Well, just as soon as I made my issues a matter of prayer,(Psalm 83:18, KJV), they were answered!!!

I have a huge bit of thanks to give to Carolyne J. Butler, the owner of Better Days are Coming.com – She’s worked for many years to put this together, and I’m ever so thankful for her hard work.? Thanks to Dori for linking to it!

So, now our world history curriculum will consist of the following books:

  • The Bible
  • My Book of Bible Stories (for my 1 & 2 graders)
  • Life -How Did It Get Here? By Evolution or by Creation? (Used also for Science, but helps to dispel the Caveman theory)
  • Is There a Creator Who Cares About You?
  • Pay Attention to Daniel’s Prophecy
  • See the Good Land (maps of the Bible lands)
  • Mankind’s Search for God (World’s Religions)
  • The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived (life of Jesus Christ)
  • 1988 Watchtower Series of the Eight World Powers

Now, with all these invaluable resources, I will have to organize it into lesson plans, but that seems like a piece of cake now!

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  1. Just found your site and I was just saying to hubby this weekend that I was worried about history! What a great list to use! Thanks sis! =D

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