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My son is safe! His father had gone out to the field for military training and took his cell. He said that he couldn’t get a signal out there (which makes me ask “WTF do you need to have a phone in the field for?? If it rings, won’t that make you a target?!!”)

So, my DH & I are seriously considering getting my son a cell for EMERGENCIES.
If he’d have had a way to contact me. Seems his dad’s wife wouldn’t allow him to use her phone to call me! :hair:
It’s obvious she doesn’t have kids.

To make matters a bit worse – when I had finally gotten a call from my son’s dad, the Sheriff’s office hadn’t yet gone out there. I called them early this morning when my stress had awaken me from my miserable attempt at sleep.
They took several hours to go out there, but I was thinking they were the reason for my son’s father’s call.
So, needless to say, after the sheriff’s deputy left, I got an angry call.
Blah blah blah – (anyone with an ex should know what words to fill in – think Charlie Brown’s teacher with attitude!)

My son is fine, and ready to come home!
Thanks to everyone who’s prayers, thoughts, and positive energies were sent to me. I’m forever thankful to have such an awesome circle of friends here. :cloud9:

And now – back to crochet!!

your thoughts?