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I remembered posting that I was going to make the Seraphina Shawl, because it’s truly gorgeous!

However, I never posted about my progress, errr, lack of progress
on the pattern.
While it has tons of pictures and verbage, I could not get passed row 11!!!!!
I haven’t :frog: it yet, in case I decide to try again.

Before trying the Seraphina, I was using this pattern. This is a very simply triangle shawl, worked from the bottom up.
I made one with Light & Lofty and one with Homespun. The pattern says use Worsted Weight, and my son has made one for his grandmother with Worsted Weight. I think this one looks best with bulky yarns. 😉

I absolutely love the pattern that I’ve been using lately.
It can be found here.

It’s a very easy pattern, and the end results are gorgeous.
I only add one thing… I always end with an increase row and I single crochet across the top. I haven’t added fringe to any yet, either.
I’m not a fringer! 😉

Anyway – I’ve made one with worsted weight, one with Homespun and am working on my Third one, made with Homespun.
This pattern, in my opinion, looks best in worsted or similar, lighter yarns. The detail just stands out more in worsted weight.

your thoughts?