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Note: If you’re hear to read a crochet related post, you’ll have to skip this first story.

Yanno the old adage, “Not enough sense to come in out of the rain.”?
May I present Exhibit A:


I just want to add, that had I seen these pictures before saying “I Do!”… I wouldn’t have!!! :rofl:

In crochet-related news, I’m proud to say that I completed my Auntie J’s shawl!!! :cloud9:


I used an “L” hook and 2 skeins of Homespun, and it came out bigger than the one I made for my Auntie V (hers was made with an “N” hook & 2 skeins)
I’ve got some goodies to add to their packages, and then they’re off!
I’m so excited for them to receive these.

I think I’ll start on my friend’s baby blanket now.
Oh – and I went through my whole stash (well, my acrylic stash, anyway), and found that with all the yarn I scored the other day, I have enough of the right colors for my MIL’s coverlet! :yay:
My SM hinted at how much she loved the renaissance Homespun yarn I was using, so I think I’d like to make her ghan with either:

  • the same yarn (if Michael’s still has it – it was in the clearance bin when I got it!)
  • 3 different yarns that are the colors that are in that yarn

A bonus is that the colors would go well in her den, too!
Matter of fact, the reason I had originally bought those skeins was to make a throw for their den, but I didn’t buy enough! 🙄

your thoughts?