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A while ago, I was in a conversation with another homeschooling mom.? She told me that she had a set of wall-sized flash cards that had scriptures for each letter of the alphabet.? The scriptures were from the King James version of the Bible.

I was so enthralled with the idea, that I decided to see if I could create something similar using the NWT Bible.

Well, my son decided he was up for the challenge, and spent time linking scriptures to the Alphabet.

A: Eccl. 9:10
B: 1John 4:1
C: Eph. 6:1
D: 1Cor 15:33
E: 2 Kings 24:8
F: Heb. 11:1
G: John 3:16
H: Matt. 5:3
I: Gen 1:1
J: Deut. 10:17
K: Matt. 6:33
L: 1John 5:21
M: Matt 28:19
N: Gen 6:8
O: Eph. 5:16
P: 1Thess. 5:17
Q: Rom. 1:20
R: Gen. 9:13
S: Mark 2:27b
T: Psalm 143:10
U: Prov. 3:5
V: Deut. 32:35
W: 1John 5:19
X: Psalm 11:5
Y: Ex. 20:3
Z: 1Cor 14:1

Many of these are familiar scriptures that we use often in the ministry.
Not all of the scriptures start with the letter, for instance for “Q” & “X”, but you get my drift, right?

Thanks to my son for his hard work.

I hope someone finds this of use.

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