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Ok, I know I’m feeling a renewed vigor to crochet.? It happens.? It’s like I go through spurts.? Perhaps, due to my many hobbies, or just the constant A.D.D. attention span that I have.? Either way, I’m feeling all kinds of love for crochet again!

I have a friend who’s a knitter.? She does really beautiful work, and always seems to have a pair of needles in hand.? She has introduced me to some of the nicest yarns!? Bamboo, silk… those kinds!? I love these ‘new’ yarns!!? So much so, that I’ve moved away from using RH yarns.? Not in a snobby way, but…

I am dying to make this!? I want to make it with cotton or a cotton blend.? I think it’s really nice! I would like to wear it in Spring and/or Summer – so cotton is the obvious choice.? However, a reality slapped me in the face when I went to buy the yarn.? I can’t afford to!? I know the cost of things are going up – and yarn is no exception.? But, well, I’m used to buying a 7 oz skein of acrylic for a little more than $2, but cotton is like $5.50 for 4 ounces!? Ugh!? And, I’m not a small woman, so I need like 5 skeins!? :-((

So, here I sit – drooling over a FREE crochet tank top pattern that I’m too poor, or cheap, to buy the desired yarn.

Does anyone have any affordable places they buy their cotton/cotton-blend yarns?

your thoughts?