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Here are the completed lapbooks:

T?s Extreme Weather LapbookT?s Extreme Weather Lapbook 2
My DS did his on Extreme Weather, so his included Blizzards, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Tsunamis, Extreme Heat, Lightning Storms, and Typhoons.

My youngest was all too eager to ham it up for the camera, with her lapbook.
Hers has weather information on one side:

R?s weather lapbook

We tracked the weather daily for one week, recording the humidity, rainfall, temperatures, etc. We also recorded the forecast for a week, and then compared it to the
actual weather temperatures (the girls really loved that the local weather guy was wrong!) 🙂

We had fun with a segment, (like it’s a tv show!), called “Weather Sayings”. What I did was print out a list of familiar weather sayings/expressions, and then they chose one to illustrate. R chose “Walking on Sunshine” (and, yes, we had the ’80s version of the song blaring in the background), and E chose “She has her head in the clouds”.

Connected to the other side of the weather is the water cycle!

R?s weather lapbook 2
The girls made a song out of the four stages of the water cycle, so of course, they remember it better!

Next, we’ll be moving into the next creative day, “Land and Water”. I’m eager to see what we come up with along next, on our learning journey!

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